All of our mirrors are hand-crafted; every piece is carefully cut and considered before its final place is decided. Taking inspiration from any number of different themes, the portfolio represents a diverse array of looks – from antique chic to crisp perfection.

We are happy to make mirrors ordered to size, and shape, within reason; please let us know your requirements and we  will do our best to make the mirror you’d like.

A mirror is a excellent adornment to any room; it can increase the amount of light, the perceived amount of space, and when it’s tastefully designed, can be a work of art in itself. Refracting and reflecting shades and tones of colour as well as light, it adds a certain energy to spaces; if you’re not sure what your house has been missing, it might well be a mirror, placed in just the right spot.

Our tiles, too, are thoughtfully created – perfect for both bathrooms, outdoor areas and anywhere you need a little extra attention. Be it delicately aged mosaic mirror tiles gently repeating a warm glow above your fireplace, or exquisite little painted mirror tiles in your bathroom, you can’t imagine the difference these lovely little squares will make to your home.